Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hip Hip............

Pete graduated this past weekend and we couldn't be more proud.
Some law school buddies, Mike, Pete, Richard and Tyson.

Howdy Partner

P.J.'s first T-ball game-

P.J. is playing T-ball this year and so far he LOVES it. We were able to get him on the same team as his cousin Max and he LOVES that. It is so funny to watch these little boys play when they have no idea what is going on, I guess that's how they learn.

My Three Sons

"Totally cuter than Daddy" is right.
These boys all just love each other, P.J. and Henry might love Will a little too much.

Matching Cousins

We always like to take comparing pictures of the kids, Henry calls it "matching them".
Little Eva Girl and Will

Grandma Great Norseth

My boys are lucky enough to have 4 Great Grandma's alive. They love them all very much and all the Grandma's love the boys. This is Grandma Great Norseth and Will.

Busy Grandma

One day while coloring my SIL's hair both of the babies needed attention so here swoops in SUPER GRANDMA!

Survey Time

Tonight at dinner the waiter thought Henry was a girl. With that said I was wondering what you all thought about Henry's hair, should I keep it long or cut it. Please be honest, I will really appreciate it.