Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Old Fart!

WOW, 28 years old. We had a nice little birthday dinner and I actually had powdered sugar this year to make frosting so because of that Pete had a way better birthday this year than last.

Keene Pumpkin Festival-

We went to the Pumpkin Festival this weekend and of course at the last minute Pete remembered that he had homework to do so we went with McRae and her kids with no husbands. As you can see it is quite the site with all of those pumpkins (and there are a lot of strange people to watch too). All in all we had fun.

Fall in Concord!

We have such a pretty view from our deck that we wanted to share it with all of you, so, here it is!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is for you Aisha-

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Boston with Nana, Aisha, Tara and girls!

Pete was giving P.J. a tour of the ship and told him that the skylight was from the Captains Quarters, so when I asked P.J. what it was he told me it was a skylight then he said, "Daddy thinks it's the Captains Money."
Which one is the Jackass?

Stroller Babies

Izzy, Izzy, where Izzy? Little Miss Chloe

We looked like a polygamist family.

B-town at sunset.

Sleeping Beauty

P.J. had to get in bed with Nana every night they were visiting.

Visit from Grandma Chris & Grandpa Mike

We had such a good time with our family the last week or so, here are some of the fun things we were able to do:

We went to the beach-

We played the Wii-

We went to Vermont-

We love you Grandma Chris, Grandpa Mike, and Ben!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Nature Hike

We're going on a nature hike, or a nature hunt as P.J. would say. Lots and lots of places around here to go hiking so we decided to take advantage of that this past weekend. P.J. has been learning about nature and animals at school so when we asked him what he wanted to do this past Saturday he replied with, "let's go on a nature hunt". Here's what we found...

Halloween is Near!

P.J. is very excited about Halloween, if you didn't already notice from his Spidey video, so he picked out a treat at the store today and loves the fact that it was "Halloween Candy".