Saturday, April 12, 2008

1st Sleepover

P.J.'s first sleepover, BUSTED! We thought we could have P.J. sleepover at the Allen's before we all leave for the summer but it ended with a phone call saying he was ready for the sleepover to end. He told McRae that he needed to be with his family in his red brick house, in his own bed with his horsey quilt. I have to say I am a little touched that he likes his own house so much and I wasn't really surprised when we got the call. I never enjoyed sleepovers as a child due to anxiety problems and Pete never liked them because he could never fall asleep so he would just lay there staring at the ceiling. All in all it's good to know that he needs at least a couple of years before the whole sleepover thing will really work, if it ever does.


Tara Bennett said...

I just think it's so cute how much he loves his family, house, and horsey quilt! Cute boy.

hillary said...

I never liked sleep overs either, I still don't unless it's at the Ritz and no kids are involved.

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