Friday, February 6, 2009

P.J. Update

This is P.J. helping my mom make brownies for the Superbowl, can you guess why he likes to help so much. That's right Nana always lets him lick the beater even if there are, as he says,"rotten eggs in the batter." (Pete has a weird thing about letting the boys eat raw batter, don't ask me, I will eat a whole batch of cookie dough and not have a problem.)
P.J. is loving his new school although often times he comes home and says I didn't learn anything today that I didn't already know. Is he Pete's son or what?
He has been waiting for the arrival of a little boy in his class who has been out for leg surgery, I must mention he has never even met this kid but the teachers talk about who is missing each day and he has just been very excited to meet him. His name is Joseph M. and he came back to school on Tuesday, as soon as P.J. got home from school he started telling me all about Joe Joe and how he has a wheel chair just like Grandpa Phil's, what a nice kid he is and how tiny he is. My favorite thing he told me about Joe Joe was that he never wears any shoes, I just told him that if you don't walk why do you need shoes. He thought about it for a moment and just said "oh". He has in the past three days become very good friends with this little boy and it doesn't even matter to him that he has any sort of special needs. We have been so blessed to have Pete's brother Ben, who has cerebral palsy, and some slight mental retardation, and our sweet little Chloe who also has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, infantile spasms and seizures. They have helped my kids know that there is no difference and that we should all be treated the same way. One day this last summer someone was saying something about Chloe, I can't even remember who or what it was but P.J.'s response was, "no, Chloe is just my cousin who can't hold up her head." What a special quality P.J. has and I hope that he will keep it with him for his whole life.
Last but not least, the other day he came home from school and says to me, "Mom, Joe Joe talks so loud, is that just a 4 year old thing?" I had to laugh but as you know he sat there and waited for my answer so I said "no you are 5 and you talk really loud and you did when you were 4 and 3 and 2. It's just a kid thing." Again he sat and thought for a minute and then said "oh" and went on his way. A laugh a minute at this house I tell ya.


Tara Bennett said...

Oh sweet PJ! (sweet but also loud PJ).... I'm so glad he loves and accepts everyone. What a little stinker, though, he knows everything. Hey, you named him Peter Junior, so you asked for it!

The Kippen House said...

What a sweetheart! I can't believe how big your kids have gotten. I would love it if they just stopped growing! Actually, I take it back. I'm ready for Charlie to be past the 2-year old stage. I hear 3's are worse...that kid may not have a long life! Hey, when is your baby due? You need to post pic's if you're belly's getting big!!!!

Nana said...

He is pretty cute.

Ryan.Kendra.Makenzie.Tracker said...

What an amazing little boy you have. He sure has a big heart! I love this pic of him to. You have some really adorable kids! Cant wait to see you next one :)

Annelisa said...

Awww, such a cute story. PJ is growing up! What a sensitive kid ....well most of the time, right!?