Saturday, March 21, 2009

More pictures as promised!

Will always has his fingers up by his face, interlocked and sometimes even sucks his thumb.
P.J. loves to hold his baby brother, Henry doesn't care all that much. They are so cute though.
Cousin Izzy loves the baby.
Wills first bath with P.J. watching through the window.

First time meeting his brothers. Henry was very interested and P.J. was very funny, he didn't really know what to do.
He loves getting his hair washed.

and sucking on soapy fingers.

His first weigh in @ 5 lbs. 12 oz.
My giant baby!

These pictures are a little backwards so sorry if that bugs you.


Kristi Veale said...

Congrats Taylor. The one picture after being washed looks like he is smiling. I know they don't know how to do that or don't know their doing it. But still cute!

Our Pratt Pack said...

I love the pic of PJ watching through the window... I'm so bummed we're so far away. I hope things are going great!!

Michelle said...

Aw! He is so precious! Can't wait to see him! I have a gift for you..well it's for Will, so we'll make our way up there sometime! Congrats on your giant baby :-)

Sera said...

I love how he wants his fingers in his mouth all the make cute babies!!!

Rina said...

Giant baby? ha ha ha.... Cute pictures. The boys look very excited to have a baby brother! I hope you are doing well too.

Melanie said...

So cute! What a little muffin he is. I love your little boyish brood you've got now!

The Pachuilo Family said...

Tay he is so cute! I love the pics keep posting them. I go between yours and your moms blog to see more pics of him. By the way you look really good. I can't wait to see him in person.

The Mechams said...
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The Mechams said...

Ohhh Taylor he is so handsome... I know your boys are cute, but really this one is so adorable.

The Kippen House said...

HE'S SO CUTE!!!! I think it's hilarious that PJ loves him and Henry doesn't care all that much. Boys are so fun! He's adorable and we hope to come see him soon!!!

Ryan.Kendra.Makenzie.Tracker said...

He is so handsome! What a little stud. Your 3 boys look so cute together. I cant wait to hold our baby and get to just hug and kiss him :)
You sure look amazing- I hope I can look that good after just having a baby. Im afraid ill be such a disaster ill just hide in a corner..