Tuesday, June 9, 2009

King of the Poop Heads

Henry is potty trained now but it's only potty, that's right folks he is pooping in his pants almost everyday. We even told him that we would put on a diaper so he can poop in that if he wants to but no, he prefers his underpants. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear from you. I would hate to send him to kindergarten and him be dubbed " king of the Poop Heads".


Melanie said...

Poke holes in a plastic bag for his legs and stick them through and put the bag over his poopy underwear bum so he won't get anything else dirty, but make him stay in the poop for a set period of time and during that time he has no food, water, toys, friends, tv, anything. He just has to sit there thinking about how uncomfortable sitting in his own crap is.

The Kippen House said...

Ya, we need all the help we can get too. Charlie thinks it's fun to get all excited about the potty, but won't actually use it. He IS a poop head! I'm no fond of potty training at all!!!

Nana said...

Yes, sad but true Henry is a poop head!