Monday, August 31, 2009

First day of Kindergarten!!!

This was taken this morning before we took P.J. to school, he was notably very excited and a little nervous. When he got home this afternoon he had such a good day he couldn't stop talking about it, just about a mile a minute. I'm glad he loved it.

A fond farewell-

Last Tuesday night we were able to say goodbye to great friends The Allen's. We met them in law school and quickly became like family.
Abby, Zach, P.J., Henry and Will
Russel was asleep.
We are very sad to see all of our friends go to Virginia.
We were also able to get one last haircut and hangout in with the Bohn's and on Saturday we had a lovely day at Seven Peaks Water Park with the Cranes.
We will miss you all!

I am a star!

I just couldn't resist this photo op.

After the Bar!!! Island Park

We were able to get together with a few of our Law School friends, after the guys took the bar, for a little vay-cay at Island Park. Thanks to Casey for inviting all of us up to his family cabin we all had a great time. I didn't get many pictures but here is a little recap.
Lexi, I think she was trying to be a mermaid.
Mr. Isaac loved the boat ride so much he fell asleep.

We could not get Henry off of the tube, he loved it!

We could not get P.J. onto the tube, he still loved watching and he did end up jumping into the lake off the dock.

Henry, Pete and Gretta riding the waves.

Ahh....Bear Lake

We had so much fun at Bear Lake this year, I really can't get enough of this place.
Will and Chloe got some tummy time....
Izzy and Henry never really got in a fight.......

William thinks that Chloe has a sweet new ride.....

P.J. with Uncle Oby on the 4 wheeler....

we had a hard time getting Henry to go but when he finally went he loved it!

This was Henry on the way out to the 4 wheeler, screaming and crying for me. I knew he would love it so I wasn't worried.


Pete's cousin Christopher lives in Washington State with his great kids and wonderful wife, that being said we wish that we lived closer because we miss them greatly. We love when they come to visit and the kids just get along great.
Payton, Cole, P.J. and Henry
These three little cousins are all within 4 months of age. Believe it or not little Eva is the oldest, born in November, Brody is next and was born in January and then there is Will, born in March. I just know they will all grow up and be just great friends just like I did with my aunt and cousin who are both just a month older and younger than me.

Oh Henry!

Henry loves to hold Will.
Will doesn't seem to like it so much.

Every time Henry is holding William he says "take my picture".
Will says "get me out of here".

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brownie batter and sun, sun, sun!

Somehow P.J. always ends up with batter on his nose when he licks the beater.
Izzy went with the spoon approach.

After washing the car and being sprayed by the hose who doesn't need to dry off in the sun?

4th of July

I know I know, it's been like 3 months since I blogged so I had to start somewhere.
4th of July festivities were great. The night before the boys slept over at Grandma and Grandpa Norseth's house and went on a hike with them and Aunt Sheri, Uncle Clint and Eva. They met up with us a little later for the party at my Uncle Matt's house. We had a fish pond....
Chloe time.....

Izzy time........

Jamie roasting at the grill..............

I think they are playing kazoo's.
Zeke, Henry, Izzy and Weston

Will got held.......

Henry watched the swimming boys from a safe warm dry spot......

and P.J. and Max stayed in the pool the whole time.