Friday, September 18, 2009

First Lost Tooth!

Oh my word my baby is growing up. First Kindergarten and now this, can't they just stay little forever?
He was not very thrilled about me pulling out his tooth but the next morning he though it was pretty cool when he realized that the tooth fairy had left him a dollar. All a Dollar here we come!

My favorite thing-

When the kids lay on their belly's to play I just think it is the cutest thing ever.

My Brood of Boys!

I can hardly contain myself when I look at this picture, I mean come on, have you ever seen such cute brothers?
The boys love to play with Will and with Henry that means tackle and sit on and yell in his ear, such fun times.

Sitting up Will!

I know, I know, he is more folded in half than sitting up but I am a proud Mama. Plus it shows all his fatness.