Monday, December 21, 2009

Taylor Family Christmas Party

I couldn't get a good enough shot of all the kids in one picture so here are two.
Jake, Weston, Henry, P.J., Max, Zeke, Izzy, Sally, William, Calvin, Tonio and Chloe-

All of the bigger kids are so cute with the little kids, Weston and Sally especially. They are just at that age where it is fun to play with the babies.

Izzybella, as Henry likes to call her, was the funniest kid when it came to Santa that night. The first thing out of her mouth when Santa sat down was, "I'm a good girl", in her little voice. She sat so patiently waiting her turn wringing her hands, sitting on the edge of her seat. She ended up being very last.
Now we know that Zeke does not like getting his picture taken or Santa Clause.

Chloe was not so impressed with the big guy either.

I have about four pictures of Will sitting on Santa's lap and they all look like this.

P.J. was so excited to ask for Lego Star Wars stuff.

When Santa asked Henry what he wanted for Christmas he gave his typical answer of ,"I don't know". Leave it to Henry to not know what he wants for Christmas.
(FYI, he wants a McQueen bike.)

Chloe with Papa, she likes him a little more than Santa.

We all sang a little with Santa before he left and he reminded us all to be good little boys and......