Monday, January 18, 2010

Poor Henry

I know this looks so mean, I couldn't pass up this moment without taking a picture. As he was yelling help and P.J. was yelling that Henry was stuck I ran in only to say, "wait, I have to get my camera." It reminds me of just this last summer when we were at a family trip to Bear Lake and Grandma Judy somehow tipped over in her chair backwards, all at once everyone jumped up but not to help her, to get their cameras. Oh, good times, good times.
Turns out Henry was not stuck he just couldn't figure out how to turn his head the right way and all I had to do is take off the latter. What a funny kid.


Tara Bennett said...

Ya gotta love a family's priorities when one family member makes a fool of themselves! I'm glad you kept up with family tradition and captured this funny moment! Love you guys. (and miss you tons, canNOT wait to see you!) xo

Bennett Bunch said...

Izzy seen the pic and said she wishes she was stuck that. She said she likes boys and Henry is her BF too.

Emma said...

I have a picture of Bennett when he was 18 month old. He was playing in a mud puddle and was a mess. He came in crying because he had fallen and I did the same thing with the camera. I kept pushing him back so I could get a picture and he kept crying and coming closer to me. By the time I took the picture he was blowing snot bubbles!

Ahhh Goodtimes!!!

Melissa/McRae said...

Holy Crap!!! Henry looks like PJ, especially the crying face!!!