Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Baseball season again!

P.J. decided he would like to play baseball again this year, so I talked to some of the Moms at his school and we were able to get him on the same team as his friends from class.
P.J. #12
They have to say this little pledge before every game about how they will play fair and all that mumbo jumbo. Base ball here is a huge deal, it was opening day and there was a parade and opening ceremonies and a pancake breakfast. I had no idea what we were getting into.

Waiting for their turn to bat.
All this one wanted to do was get down and play in the mud.

Henry found a friend to sword fight with.

P.J. up to bat.

Run P.J. run!

Playing "pitcher", he thought he couldn't go outside of that circle.

After it was all over we were all ready to go home.


Our Pratt Pack said...

So Cute!

Tara Bennett said...

I love PJ's white-man overbite while he's swinging. So funny!

Nana said...

Oh, Papa and I got a big kick out of that!!!! Thanks for the post.