Sunday, May 2, 2010

Livin' the Life

The other day while I was mopping the floor I sent the boys outside to play. (I love having a back yard, little as it may be.) They played for quite some time, taking turns riding the bikes, William would push P.J. on the little trike and P.J. would give Will a ride. They had so much fun.
After a while they got hungry so I whipped up some PB&J, gave them some milk in their water bottles and back out they went. Now I didn't give the baby anything to eat so you can understand my shock when I looked outside and he was chewing on a sandwich. I asked the boys if either of them had given it to him and they both said no, he had reached up onto the table and got it himself. I guess he was hungry. After a couple of minutes he didn't think it was very fair that the older boys had cool camping chairs to sit on and he didn't. He really did let me know it too so we did some rearranging and tuh duh, he had his own chair, he thought he was really cool.

The whole time they were out there P.J. kept saying "Livin' the Life" like this was some kind of resort or vacation. It's good to know that it doesn't take much to make your kids think they live in the lap of luxury.

Sewing Project

I cannot say that I am a master sewer by any means but I was pretty proud of my accomplishment. I have been wanting to do this project for a few months now since I have all this material left over from the boys quilts, so when I had a night with nothing to do I took advantage. Henry was my helper, he lifted the foot and put the foot down on the sewing machine for me and he really thought he was helping big time.

I know there are a couple of thing that don't' look quite right but this is how they are going to stay.

My baseball boys!

No, Pete and Henry are not drunk, at least I don't think so. Last weekend Pete took P.J. to a Giants game, it was a very exciting thing for P.J. since he was going alone with his Daddy, riding the BART into the city and being able to eat hot dogs, peanuts and churros to his desire. Since they were playing the Cardinals, and that happens to be Pete's team, we had to make a run to the mall to buy hats. P.J. and Henry decided they wanted to cheer for the Giants which I think is great, root root root for the home team. Henry stayed home with Mom and we did a sewing project (see next post), which luckily for me he thought was just a grand time. Giants won that night by the way.

Earth Week

I know it was Earth Week last week, and I did actually take these pictures last week. I just wanted to show off my little bit of earth that I have planted and managed to keep alive. Our tomatoes are getting huge and have flowered already so I am way excited for the fruit.
One of my little garden helpers, although William doesn't help as much as his brothers do he does love to eat that dirt. And yes, I still have those ugly curtains so shoot me.

This is our favorite as of late. We love checking on the strawberries almost everyday to see if any are ready. we thought one was close and ate it, turns out it wasn't quite ready. Along with the tomatoes and strawberries we have three different kinds of peppers, spinach, carrots, two Asian pear trees and Henry's three sunflowers that he got from school. Bring on the harvest.