Monday, October 25, 2010

It's so hard to say goodbye....

All of the adults in front of the house, saying goodbye.
Gavin, Tawnya,Cody, Chris, Michelle, Cami, Erik, Janiel, Stacey,Gaynard, Jill, Mike, Pete, Taylor, Ben, Chris, Grandma Norseth, Nadine, Grandma Hadley, Mike, Clint and Sheri
At the end of August we made a trip back to Utah for one last goodbye, a goodbye to Pete's childhood home.
This house is every kids dream, tree house, zip line, acres to roam. My boys, Pete and P.J. in particular, were quite sad to learn that moving day was shortly upon Chris and Mike.

It took some convincing but P.J. finally came to terms with it, or so he says, we'll see how he feels when we go back to visit and Grandma and Grandpa are in the new house.

In true Norseth fashion we had a big goodbye bash, or funeral as some called it, for the whole family and any friends wanted to join us.
These crazy kids in the tree house are all the kids who will greatly miss this awesome backyard.

I just love this picture of Sophia.

The old house address plate.

This picture is soooo cute. I love how happy they both look.

Pete and his Grandma Hadley

Michelle will kill me for putting this picture on but I don't care, I like it. Maybe if I follow up with another darling picture of Sophi she won't care as much.

Last but not least, while we were in Utah having our funeral for the house we were also able to help go through some attic findings. One of the boys favorite finds were these laser gun type things, I know they have a real name but I can't think of it right now. They wanted to play with them so bad but only one worked, I guess that's what happens when things sit in the attic for years. Along with these cool guns the boys found some of Pete's old stuffed animal, a Marvin the Martian, a big purple dinosaur and a homemade pound puppy. Of course we had to bring them all home and at least one if not all get slept with every night.

This kitchen floor and awesome yellow fridge are just a couple reasons why Chris and Mike decided to move, we love their new house and hope to have many wonderful years and more memories in it.


Clint and Sheri said...

Yes!! Finally I can do this post as well. I stole the picture of all the kids by the playhouse off of Tawnya's blog. And have been waiting for my opportunity for the adult pic! Yea!

Clint and Sheri said...

Ok...I can only get it to save to my pictures as a tiny picture. Will you please please email it to me? That would be AWESOME!!!

Nana said...

You all are going to miss that place.

Nana said...

How about you say hello to posting some new pictures.