Friday, October 22, 2010

Who Me?

Someone found the Target popcorn in my purse and decided to take advantage of the fact that I was in the shower.
"Oh you caught me."

"Let me show you how to do this."

"What, did I put too much in?"
A few minutes later I found him outside on the bike eating some more, just like his big brothers do. This kid is growing up way too fast.


The Pachuilo Family said...

Tay, he is so dang cute and cubby! I love it! He is getting so big, I can't believe it.
So when will you be coming up this way to do my hair, I haven't cut or colored it since June. It's needs some help from you. So tell Pete you need a trip up North to see me, PLEASE!!!!!!

Our Pratt Pack said...

Just like you to keep popcorn in your purse... too funny. Mom's secrets out now, they know where to find the snacks.

Gangwer said...

That is too funny!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!

I guess you need to just have to get pregnant.

Nana said...

I LOVE the outfit he has on!