Monday, October 25, 2010

It's so hard to say goodbye....

All of the adults in front of the house, saying goodbye.
Gavin, Tawnya,Cody, Chris, Michelle, Cami, Erik, Janiel, Stacey,Gaynard, Jill, Mike, Pete, Taylor, Ben, Chris, Grandma Norseth, Nadine, Grandma Hadley, Mike, Clint and Sheri
At the end of August we made a trip back to Utah for one last goodbye, a goodbye to Pete's childhood home.
This house is every kids dream, tree house, zip line, acres to roam. My boys, Pete and P.J. in particular, were quite sad to learn that moving day was shortly upon Chris and Mike.

It took some convincing but P.J. finally came to terms with it, or so he says, we'll see how he feels when we go back to visit and Grandma and Grandpa are in the new house.

In true Norseth fashion we had a big goodbye bash, or funeral as some called it, for the whole family and any friends wanted to join us.
These crazy kids in the tree house are all the kids who will greatly miss this awesome backyard.

I just love this picture of Sophia.

The old house address plate.

This picture is soooo cute. I love how happy they both look.

Pete and his Grandma Hadley

Michelle will kill me for putting this picture on but I don't care, I like it. Maybe if I follow up with another darling picture of Sophi she won't care as much.

Last but not least, while we were in Utah having our funeral for the house we were also able to help go through some attic findings. One of the boys favorite finds were these laser gun type things, I know they have a real name but I can't think of it right now. They wanted to play with them so bad but only one worked, I guess that's what happens when things sit in the attic for years. Along with these cool guns the boys found some of Pete's old stuffed animal, a Marvin the Martian, a big purple dinosaur and a homemade pound puppy. Of course we had to bring them all home and at least one if not all get slept with every night.

This kitchen floor and awesome yellow fridge are just a couple reasons why Chris and Mike decided to move, we love their new house and hope to have many wonderful years and more memories in it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gotta love the"CHEESE"!!!

I can never pass up on a photo op with this group around. Mostly because every one of them are constantly asking me to take their picture. I love that they all love each other so much.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

We were able to make it back to Utah on more time before school started again. The trip began with a side trip Bear Lake (one of my favorite places).
Jake loved playing with Will, he always wanted to help me and was so cute with him the whole time, William didn't always appreciate it though.
It was so fun for the kids to spend the whole weekend with their cousins, jumping on the trampoline, swimming in the lake, playing night games, and sitting by the fire eating "delicious hot shmoes." (line from Toy Story 2 for those of you who don't know.)
Will and Papa through back a few too many that night.
S'mores that is.

Little Henry looks like he had had it for the day too.
But leave it to P.J. to keep the party going.

Tonio only looks slightly zombie like.

And who knows about Max and his big bare feet.

All I know is Bear Lake was a blast and P.J. might possibly be one of the goofiest picture taker ever.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Who Me?

Someone found the Target popcorn in my purse and decided to take advantage of the fact that I was in the shower.
"Oh you caught me."

"Let me show you how to do this."

"What, did I put too much in?"
A few minutes later I found him outside on the bike eating some more, just like his big brothers do. This kid is growing up way too fast.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Big Boy and a Fork

A few weeks ago I finally decided to let Will start feeding himslef with utensils. I have been a little hesitant because of the mess that I would have to clean up but he was a champ.
(I love Henry's bed head in this picture.)
Will did such a good job, good thing he loves food so much, the kid hardly let any fall on the floor.

He is just growing up too fast.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Love these two!

They fight, they hit and even bite but at the end of the day they really do just love eachother.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back in California

We traveled home at the beginning of July, Grandma Chris came with us and following close behind was Clint and Sheri. Let's not forget Eva as well, she was the highlight of most days.
While these two were watching signing time I just had to take these pictures, there is something so cute about babies just in diapers.

I'm not sure but I think Eva is signing popcorn which is quite hilarious when she does it, she totally spazzes out.

Such a cute moment, P.J. is reading goodnight gorilla to all the kids. My favorite part of this picture is the swimsuit bottoms on Eva's head. I put them on as a joke and she kept them on for a couple of hours.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Since Megan and her family were living at my parents house for a couple of months before they moved to Vegas we got to spend a lot of time with them while we were visiting.
Both Zeke and all my boys LOVED playing together. Zeke had this stash of plastic cups and spoons that he would play with all day long, William thinks it's a little silly but what does he know.

Soon after we got home Will picked up on Zeke's cup and spoon game and now he is out of control, who's silly now?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun with Papa!!!

The first week we were in Utah my Dad was still on his football trip to Mexico, so when he got back the kids could not get enough. Or maybe it was him who could not get enough of them.
One of my Dads favorite thing to do with us when we were kids was put us in these traps and there was some secret to getting out but I still don't know what it is, anyway, that is what he is doing here with these four kids. So much fun and I am so glad we extended our trip so that we could spend some time with Dad before we went back home.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Father's Day @ The Norseth's

Chris and Sophi on their first Father's Day.

Strangely enough I didn't get any pictures of Pete on this day, he was there though.

William, as always couldn't get enough of being at Grandma and Grandpas house and all the yummy food.

P.J. loves getting together with these cousins, you can just see it in his eyes. They are are very close in age and love to do all the same things. Here they are playing Mario Kart at Grandma and Grandpa Norseth's.

Little Eva is at that funny age when she cheeses so goofy. You tell her to say cheese and this is what you get. We loved being with our family on this special day.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day at the Beach