Sunday, January 30, 2011


Our tram ride into the park.
Henry and Izzy were so excited to see and meet all the characters.

P.J., not so much. He wouldn't even stand next to them for us to take a picture.

Face Painting- They all loved it, Chloe especially loved P.J.'s face.

Will and Chloe didn't know how to respond to him.

Dance Party!

Oh ya, now we're grooving!

Will sees the parade, finally.

On the GIANT ferris wheel.

Our Family Christmas Card. If you didn't get one I am so sorry, I got most sent out and then flaked.

I don't know what Will liked better, the shoulder ride or Papa's ear.
I think they are ready to be done with Disneyland.

Chloe could have probably cared less about Disneyland, she just loved being with all the Family.
I would have to agree with Chloe, it was such a fun trip and wouldn't have been the same without all the Bennett family vacation shenanigans.

Thanksgiving Day!!!

Pete, busy making the gravy.

Austin Bera, Henry and P.J., busy doing a puzzle.

William, ready to eat, as always.

And our good friends the Bera's and Sorensen's.
It was a great day of feasting and fun.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wiiliam's New Church Clothes

As soon as I pulled these out of the garage he just had to try these on.

Thanksgiving Jammies!!!

This Thanksgiving Grandma Chris and Aunt Jill opted out of making the jammies due to moving and being way too busy.
It ended up working out for the better because P.J. has been begging for footies.
All of these boys love their cozy footie jammies.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It'a always fun when Grandma Chris comes to visist.

Among a lot of other fun things we did when Grandma came to visit, we finally made it to the Golden Gate Bridge.
P.J. has been asking to go there ever since we moved here and when we were trying to figure out something fun to do that is exactly where we went.

Despite it being a pretty cold day and me leaving Will's jacket at the restaurant we had a blast. And William ended up wearing my jacket instead.

Don't you want to come visit this cool bunch of kids?

This is Halloween, This is Halloween!

Our Halloween festivities started off with a costume parade at Henry's preschool.
Henry or should I say Superman, had a blast.
William on the other hand was trapped in his stroller but as soon as I dangled that lollipop in front of his face he was happy. It doesn't take much to make this kid happy.

Henry with his teacher, who's name we can't remember, singing a song with the rest of his class.

The next day we had a couple of different activities to go to. First off we went to P.J.'s schools fall festival. These two goofballs are always ready to pose for a picture.
This rooster costume has served us well, done with it's third kid and still looking good.

The only picture I got of P.J. all Halloween, if you look really close you can see the side of his head there by Henry.
The two older boys had a blast running around playing all of the carnival games.

Will had a blast posing for pictures with his new "cheese" smile.

He has different variations of it but you get the gist.

His other favorite thing to do was climb on this drinking fountain and make all of the passer-bys look at him as he would "cheese" at them.

After about an hour we headed over to the ward trunk or treat. I really got into the decorating of our car. OK I didn't really do anything other than bring our pumpkins and stick them is the back. The kids got quite the loot which was good because we didn't want to take them real trick or treating on Sunday anyway.

We're Baaaack!!!!

We've been away for a while but I am officially back to blogging.

No this is not a mean trick to my mom and mother in law, I really am going to keep up on it and catch you all up on the last 3 or 4 months of our life.
I hope you have enjoyed these random pictures of my crazy boys.