Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday Cake

Strawberry Cake is what William asked for for his birthday, so strawberry cake is what he got.
Making this cake turned into quite the fiasco but if you want the story you can just ask.

I love this look, he is just so flattered that everyone is singing to HIM!

He needed help to blow out his candles so of course his brothers were happy to help. I can't believe my baby is 2, he is talking a lot more these days, trying to keep up with his brothers and is still weighing in at 27 lbs. He loves balls and sports of any kind, trains, cars and most of all food. William is just a joy and a blessing in our lives. We love you Will!

Happy 2nd Birthday William!!!

For Will's birthday this year we decided to take him to Build a Bear. He is always trying to steal his brothers bears and never wants any of his stuffed animals the don't have clothes on them.

He was very excited to pick out his own stuffed animal, fill it and dress it.

He ended up not even picking a bear, he chose a dog, rightfully named DogDog.
He picked out some sports jammies, his brothers tried to get him to get star wars jammies but this boy knows what he wants. Happy Birthday Will and welcome to the family DogDog.

Academy of Sciences Museum

One of the days while my Mom and Dad were here we ventured up to Golden Gate Park. There are a few Museums in the park and we decided to go to the Science Museum.
It was a very good choice.

Not only was it a museum but an aquarium too. P.J. was mesmerized by the jelly fish, they were pretty cool to watch.

We all had a blast looking at all of the different sea life. There was even an electric eel.

I think the boys thought that this dinosaur was the coolest thing so we could have just let them look in the window and then go home, not having to pay. Oh well, the rest of the museum was worth it.
Thanks again Nana and Papa for coming to visit, we are looking forward to the next visit!

Take me out the the Ballgame!!!

March 12th was opening day for P.J. and Henry's baseball season.

We started out the morning meeting up with the boys teams.
Henry is on the Bees.

P.J. is on the Giants!
After a parade of the teams and the opening ceremonies we started off the games.

Before the game starts the kids say a pledge. I don't know all the words but it is about being a good sport and playing your best.

That's not Henry, I just realized that. Have a look at Henry's little friend Luke.

William knows how to roll at a baseball game, he took over the chair and stuffed his face with candy.

He must be wise beyond his years.

Nana & Papa

My Mom and Dad came to visit in February, the weeks leading up to their visit the weather was so nice and warm, sunny and dry. The day they got here it started to rain and continued to rain for the next 5 days. The last day they were here it finally stopped raining so outside we went, riding bikes and scooters.

William has become a whiz on this scooter, he just thinks he is as big as his brothers.

A boy and his Papa, what more do you need?
Nana wussed out and went inside but didn't want to miss out in this photo opp.
Notice her in the window.

We love when Nana & Papa come to visit, please come back SOON!!!