Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Those were the last pictures taken, I know a little ridiculous. I just keep forgetting my camera, I will try and do better.

Henry's Pre-School Graduation

Walking with his class.

Henry with his teachers, Miss Jennifer and Miss Melody.

Will is so proud of his big brother.

Not too sure what he is doing there but it is so Henry.

Dinosaur Park

This is what happens when you try to get in the stroller yourself.

Will was the bravest and the first of all the boys to stand under these massive teeth.

Henry and Tyler weren't far behind though.

Group shot in front of the stegosaurus.
Note Eva is holding her own stegosaurus in her hand, she had a different name for it though.

Eva, Sophi, and Will
What cute cousins.

I couldn't pass this photo opp up, i love their matching shirts.

These 2 had a blast on the swings.

Group shot that even Sophi decided to join,
P.J., Sophi, Henry, Tyler, Will and Eva

Zoo Time

All my Apes!

The Tigers were so fun to watch this time. Izzy could have stayed there all day.

Crazy monkeys watching the Elephants.

The best ride in the park.

My biggest ape of all.

Easter Egg Hunt

Annually we have an Easter egg hunt at my mom's, this year was the first year we have been there in a long time.
The kids always line up oldest to youngest right before we let them go crazy.
Chloe should be between Izzy and Zeke.
Sally, Weston, Jake, Clavin, Tonio, Max, P.J., Henry, Izzy, Zeke, Will, Maddison, and Chloe.
Just ignore Megan in the background.

Easter Fun while in Utah

Thanks to Aunt Tara we had a "hoppin" party.
We had all sorts of games and prizes for the kids and then afterward we had a sleepover, complete with a dance party.
No pictures of that though, I will have to steal some from Tara's blog.

All of the kiddos lined up to start the race.

I love how you can tell they are all trying to run in those sacks instead of hop.

Trying to get a good picture of this motley crew is a feat in itself.
This is about as good as it gets.

Got to love some good old cousin fun!

Henry's 5th Birthday!!!

For Henry's birthday this year we had a friend party, with no other parents. I was a little scared but we all made it through.
He was so happy to be 5!

Leave it to a bunch of boys to play dodge ball in the back yard.

They all had a blast!

Henry's Hot Wheels cake, it was a BIG hit.
Blow baby blow!