Friday, June 20, 2008

Lagoon Day!

We had such a fun day at Lagoon with everyone. Henry and Izzy loved the baby rides and apparently so did Tonio and P.J.Dragon Boys

Henry and Aunt Duu
P.J. wanted Oby to go on the kiddie swings with him and Oby had to hold his feet up the whole time.
" I don't like pretend octopuses." P.J. was screaming that when I tried to get him to go on the new ride.
The boat train, as P.J. called it.
Ding, ding, and Bye bye!

Tonio and P.J. got to go on the front seat of puff three times in a row, they thought it was great. Note P.J.'s hands flying in the air, he loved it.


Michelle said...

How fun!! I remember the good old Lagoon days!! Your boys are getting so big. Glad you guys are having a good time here. I am sure loving the weather here!!

Emma said...

How fun! I miss Lagoon Days! The picture of Oby was great! MIss you guys!

The Mechams said...

Talk about a flash back I havn't been to lagoon in forever looked like tons of fun, we still miss you guys!