Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July @ Roaring Camp Railroad

We decided to go into the "mountains", whatever kind of mountains they have here, and take a ride on the train. Roaring Camp Railroad has two different trains, one takes you up to the top of Bear Mountain which is what we did, and the other takes you out to the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. We left it as a surprise to the boys and they were so excited when they found out what we were doing.
Here is the train letting off a little steam.
Cowboy Sheriff P.J.
While we were standing by this train the horn blew and the boys were off. P.J. was just a little startled but Henry ran as fast as he could in the other direction screaming his little girl high pitch scream. Sad but so funny.
We put Henry in jail.

Us on the train.
Some giant redwoods.


The Allen Family said...

I can totally picture Pete scrunching down to get his face into the cut out! What a fun day for you guys, we miss you though!

The Mechams said...

All I got to say is Yippie Kyoe Kyaa!

Emma said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun time finally being with Pete. Will you get to stay with him till the end or are you going back to your parents?