Sunday, December 7, 2008

Singing Time

Every Wednesday for the past 2 1/2 years we have been going to singing time at this local church here in Concord. The boys live it, sometimes P.J. acts like he is too cool to go but then he gets there and starts singing.
This is probably one of my favorite songs
I am a bucket here's my handle
here's my big round rim,
God fills me up with LOVE LOVE LOVE
I pour it out to others and he fills me up again.
There are three verses and the next two are the same except you replace love with joy and peace. The kids pretend they are buckets pouring out the love, joy and peace to others. It is all just very cute.
P.J. and Henry getting ready to pour out the love.

Somehow Mr. Mark (the music man) can always make my kids dead silent. He turns on a tape of some sound and tells the kids to cover their mouths to listen, no matter how crazy they are being they always stop and cover their mouths.

See-Sawing, this only lasted about two seconds, long enough for me to take the picture. They both usually like to see-saw with me.
We will miss this weekly adventure when we leave but are very glad we got to experience it.


Nana said...

Get Mr. Mark's secret before you come here. I guess we could just tape their mouths shut. I hope they are ready to pour some love on us. That is too cut.

Annelisa said...

Fun Fun Times! Don't worry though, PJ will remember the songs forever and sing them at random times (just like Brieanna) :)