Sunday, December 28, 2008

Taylor Family Christmas Party

As you can see these three are nothing but trouble.
Henry, Izzy & Chloe
All of the cousins and Santa himself.
When we first got to Matt's house for the party he had a cozy little fire going and all of us thought how nice it was until we couldn't breath anymore. The flue was clogged and the smoke just started pouring inside the house, Matt thought it would be a good idea to just take the log out of the fire so he got a metal garbage can and the fire poker thing. It was a good attempt but the log broke into a bunch of tiny pieces, so at this point we had a burning garbage can out front and little pieces of burning wood in the fire place all the while with smoke pouring into the family room. Again Matt thought it would be a good idea just to get this fire out so he poured water on it and if you think that made the smoke problem better boy are you wrong. All of this happened within minutes before Santa got there so we all had to apologize for the smoke as he walked in. It all turned out fine, the kids had fun, the adults had a laugh and nobody caught on fire themselves.

Weston and Chloe
P.J. and Santa
After all the kids had gotten their presents Santa picked up his bag and got ready to leave, but P.J. and Henry had still not received their gifts, we all said Rudolph must have them and frantically went looking for the presents. All the while P.J.'s frown progressively got longer and longer until Oby told him "Santa won't forget about you," P.J. hurried to stop his cry and said "I know." Luckily Rudolph did have their presents and all was good in the world again.

Henry was very excited to ask Santa for tracks and trains.
What a cheese ball!