Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Last night we had a party with some of the friends in our ward who also don't have family around. Since it was a special affair I let the boys open their Christmas sweaters from Nana and Papa early, so they would have something to wear. Just a side note, William is wearing a 12 month sweater and 12-18 month pants, what is this kid?

We had a great time, ate soup, and later we did a reenactment of the first Christmas.
Henry told me earlier in the day that he wanted to be the man that helped Mary, so Joseph he was. P.J. and his new friend Isaac were Shepard's.

The whole crew, we had angels, Shepard's, two wise men, Joseph, Mary and a Baby Jesus. The kids did great and they were so excited to be able to do this. I'm glad we were able to help them all remember what Christmas is really all about.

My little Hen as Joseph with his much older wife Layca as Mary.


Tara Bennett said...

The boys look soooo cute in those sweaters! I'm 50% happy you had someone to spend a special Christmas with and 50% jealous/sad. We miss you but are glad you're where you're supposed to be and getting settled. Love you! xo

Nana said...

I agree with Tara! I swear Will already looks bigger. What a fun party. I don't care what Henry says, when I see him he is getting hugged, kissed and squished!