Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trip to Utah

We just got back from a trip to Utah, it was a very bitter sweet trip because we went for my Uncle Jacks funeral. We had such a great time seeing all the family from all over the country and all over Utah. I, as a matter of fact had so much of a good time that I didn't take hardly any pictures. Good thing my Aunt Emma was there, she has the whole thing documented and she will be sending us the pics. The memorial for Jack was great, I know it's weird to say that a funeral was great but when you have the knowledge of such a great gospel and plan you can go to a funeral knowing that this is not the end, we will see Uncle Jack again and we know he is in a better place trying to do all the work he can on the other side. We love you Uncle Jack!
Since we had been gone a month little William had forgotten some people, this included Jamie. Now those of you who know Jamie know he loves babies and wants all the babies to love him. William didn't particularly care for Jamie, actually he cried every time Jamie tried to pick him up or even just talk to him. Finally on the last day we were there Will let Jamie hold him and rock him to sleep, VICTORY! Jamie was in heaven and William had a nice soft warm spot for his afternoon nap.
Zeke was excited for Jamie!

What a couple of cute little chunks.