Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpking Patch

Nana came to visit and we decided to try out this supposed awesome pumpkin festival in Half Moon Bay. After we were stuck in traffic, went to lunch at Popeye's (not recommended), and looking at all the people at the festival we decided the kids would have more if we just drove back up the street to a pumpkin patch with some bounce houses, a hay maze and some fabulous pumpkins.

P.J. decided he would push the wheel barrel, he thought he was real cool.

All the boys went on this SUPER SLIDE, not all of them liked it very much.
P.J. loved it and went on it about 5 times....

Henry was less than thrilled and refused to try it again. In fact in this picture he is telling Nana that he didn't like it and would not be going again. Although William doesn't look very happy in this picture he LOVED it. If he could he would have gone all day long.

All of these pumpkins were $5 or less, so we went a little crazy.
P.J. pointing at all of his picks.

Will in the bounce house.

Nana had to push the wheel barrel after we put the pumpkins in, the boys tried and tipped it over.

On our way out William found this little one and was so excited that I told him he could grab it. Just look at that face.

Waiting with Nana to buy the Pumpkins.

Henry on the hay maze, yes that's right, on the hay maze. He enjoyed jumping from one bale to the next.

Even though we didn't make it to the "real festival" everyone had a great time.


Tara Bennett said...

Love & miss those boys! Can't wait for #4!!!