Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jackson Hole (Day 6)

While most of the others were riding the river we got to stay back relax......
watch a movie.....
and clean the floor. It was a lovely morning.
Later on we went into town for some shopping and some big horse sculptures.
I wish we could still be on vacation, it was so much fun. I am so grateful for my family and how close we all are, how much fun we can have together and how much we can make fun of our parents. Love you all!

Jackson Hole

After we got the trailer fixed we were off to Jackson to PARTY! We had Bar J Wranglers on the stereo and dancing from Oby, what else could you need?
Chloe was satisfied!

Still Day 5 (On our way to Jackson)

To go along with the slue of bad luck that happened on this trip,(i.e. Jamie and Aisha's tent trailer not working and little Izzy being sick. Little Zeek also got sick and didn't sleep more than 3 or 4 hours each night we were there.) On our way to Jackson Hole Oby and Tara's trailer wires got crossed or some other term that has temporarily skipped my mind and the breaks locked on the trailer. Good thing for some duct tape and boys who knew what they were doing.

Day 5 Before Heading to Jackson Hole

The whole family. Minus Pete
Beautiful Jackson Lake, with Tetons in the background. We had so much fun swimming in this lake for two days, it was warm, for lake water and was shallow a far ways out. Being the dork that I am of course I forgot to take my camera both times we went swimming so no pictures of that. Lucky for me Tara never forgets her camera so I can get some pics from her.

My cute Mom and Dad
My cute boys!
Our little family minus a Daddy:(
Next time Pete will have to come with us for sure.

Jackson Lake (Day 4)

Two Dot loved the lake and the logs that were alomost as big as her.
If you can't see this is Two Dot swiming back with a giant log in her mouth.
The Grand Tetons
Throwing rocks in the water.
Henry in the log.
Poor Henry, between the bug bites and falling down so many times this is what he ended up looking like half way through our trip.
And of course since I just took a close up picture of Henry, P.J. had to join the party. In all his goofiness!
These three boys sure had a lot of fun together, most of the time.
Two Dot loved laying and sitting in Moms chair whenever she got the chance.
Oby, Izzy or Bella as Henry calls her, Henry and Chloe

Yellowstone Day 3

Waiting for Old Faithful

Henry thought it was really cool. P.J. was sitting up front with Aisha and Tonio, that's why I don't have any pictures of him. He did talk about the water volcano all day though.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yellowstone Day 2

This is a long post so prepare yourself. It is mostly pictures though.
The hot pots!
Uncle Nick knows what the kids want.... shoulder rides!
The Mud Pots!
All the kids got tired of walking so.....stroller time.
Tonio, Izzy, Henry and P.J.
Me and my siblings.
Megan, Oby, Me, Jamie

Zeek and his little girl hat, he is so cute.
King of the Road.

The boys with Nana and Papa.
We can't forget about Two Dot though.

Oh Henry, need I say more?
King of the broken tent trailers.
Queen of the none sleeping baby.

The Night Life in Yellowstone

The first night we spent in Yellowstone there was a hale storm so we all shoved our way in to the motor home for dinner and dessert. The kids watched a movie while we ate this lemon cake thing that was to die for. Chloe liked it as well.

Yellowstone Day 1

Beautiful Lower Falls
Papa showing P.J. the waterfall.
Apparently it stinks.
The whole crew minus my Dad who is taking the picture and Pete who could not come with us. :(
The Wood Bridge!
(You had to be there.)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

San Francisco Zoo

My favorite part of the Zoo was watching the grizzly bears, they had a really cool habitat and they were being very active.
It was fun to see the foot prints in the sand at the bottom of their pond.
This one was doing a little dance, it was great.
My little Spiders.

Which one is the real gorilla?

At the end of the day P.J. just wanted to fly away.