Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sock Fuzzies

As some of you know P.J. is a little OCD about some things. His latest thing is sock fuzzies, he is always picking them out of his toes, Henry's toes and Pete's toes. I know, he is a weird kid. Tonight while he was washing in the tub he started sticking his soapy fingers in between each toe to "wash out the sock fuzzies", this kid need a new hobby.


Tara Bennett said...

As long as he doesn't eat the sock fuzzies after he pulls them out, I think he's okay. =)

Ash said...

LOL so nice to see your blog finally- I got on Michelle's and then onto yours! you'll have to email me your email so I can invite you to mine, ya, I'm private, lame, i know.
I can't believe how big the boys are?!?! They grow up SO fast! Hope you're feeling okay and up to the challenge of THREE!!! Yikes! I'm definitely a ways off that one! :) Tell my ornery (sp?)cuz hi! ;)

tara @ kidz said...

Tell him he will have plenty to do then when he comes to live w/ papa.
I wonder how papa gets sock fuzzies in his belly button. Maybe P.J. can figure it out.

Sharlon said...

My brother was like that as a kid, now he's the only guy I know who enjoys getting a pedicure with his wife! So someday his wife will be grateful. LOL!!