Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter (a little late)

This was an interesting Easter for us, we aren't living around any family, all of our law school family lives around the country and we were all alone. Not that we were sad about it but it was just different.
It ended up being a lovely day and I loved listening to conference on Easter Sunday. We stayed in our sweats all day and just enjoyed each others company. It was raining all day but Henry could not be contained, he through on his rain gear and out he went.

We had a delicious dinner of ham, mmmmm, I like ham. Funeral potatoes and green beans, for desert I made a Strawberry cake that was to die for, did not take a picture of that though. After I got done making this meal Pete asked me if I thought we had teenage boys of something because I had cooked so much, oh well, it looks like ham leftovers all week. I hope you all had as wonderful of an Easter as we did!


Tara Bennett said...

Oh no you di'nt just say that you weren't sad you didn't get to see me on Easter Sunday!

Oh.... actually, yes you did! Hmph!

Well, I *was* sad not to see you guys! And those funeral potatoes look divine!

Melanie said...

Even though we weren't with you, I'm glad we're part of the law school "family" you miss! I can't say it or think it enough, but we really had the best friends in law school anyone could ever ask for. We miss you guys! I'm glad you had a happy Easter!

Gangwer said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... That ham looks really good, I want same right now!!! Wow I guess I am preggerz.