Friday, April 9, 2010

Oakland Zoo

We recently purchased season passes to the Oakland Zoo and decided to cash in on them this last week, with it being spring break and all. The boys were so excited and the weather was beautiful, so we started off. One of the first animals we saw were these giant turtles, I was real excited because they were actually moving and I have never really seen that before. Even more to my excitement when I looked over and they appeared to be wrestling. I told the boys look they are wrestling.
Took a cute picture of them in front of the wrestling turtles, and by this point they were making noises which I also thought was pretty cool. The longer we watched the more I realized that they were NOT wrestling but instead "doing the deed". I was mortified, I made my kids sit and watch this, of course they had no idea what was really going on but I just felt dirty afterward.

Luckily we moved on and I soon found this strange and endangered two headed turtle which soon got my mind off the two pervs doing it in public.

We got to the elephants right at feeding time so that was cool to watch. And yes, Henry had the map just like that the entire time we were there.

William is getting old enough that he would get excited here and there. He loved the elephants and the bats, I didn't get any pictures of the bats though.

Each boy wanted to take pictures of the elephants so here is P.J.'s. I think he did a pretty good job for being a little kid.

Here is Henry's, poor kid, I wonder if that is his view of everything.

We got 5 free tickets to ride the rides so we took full advantage of it. P.J. and Henry rode these planes then we all went on the merry-go-round. It was such a fun day!

As you can see Will enjoyed himself so much he could hardly stand it.


Melanie said...

At least now you know if they ever walk in on you and Pete that telling them you are just wrestling will actually work!

Tara Bennett said...

I LOVE that pic of Will!

We should go to the zoo when we're there, unless the boys are sick of it. I think with our new seating system for Chloe that she might actually enjoy it for the first time!

I'm getting excited, can you tell? Oh, and we need to order our Wicked tickets, if Pete's still up for baby-sitting, that is!?!

Nana said...

Great pictures. Looks like a fun Easter week. Aren't you glad school starts Monday? Just take a chill pill. LOL

Our Pratt Pack said...

Ok so we saw turtles wrestling once at the DC zoo they are SOOOOOO loud and then Todd had to repeat the nose with my Dad all week long it's now some sort of family joke I guess