Thursday, April 22, 2010

We LOVE Visitors

This last weekend Uncle Ben,
and Grandma Chris and Grandpa Mike came to visit. The kids were oh so excited to be with the nicest Grandma that lets them eat candy before dinner and stay up late eating candy. Those words came right out of P.J.'s mouth. Pete and I were pretty excited to see everyone too.

The weather was beautiful and we took full advantage of it. On Saturday we went into the city and strolled through the wharf and took a trolley ride, I didn't have my camera so more pictures of that to come when they get emailed to me.
We also got to go watch P.J. play in his baseball game on Saturday, it was a long but very fun day.
On Sunday we went to church and afterword the weather was just too nice to pass up. We walked over to the park to play and watch a cricket match (still don't understand that game), and sit in the sun. William had his first bike ride and couldn't get enough.
It was a great weekend and we miss you guys already.


Nana said...

Looks like a good time.