Monday, June 21, 2010

Last Game of the Season

When it was about the middle of the season I thought this day would never come, but as I was sitting there watching P.J. in the last game it was kind of sad. He was just starting to get it and was getting fairly good, for a 6 year old with no attention span.
Mr. Drool Mouth was happy to just be outside and not in the stroller.

Henry, well Henry is just Henry.
P.J got a little tired and hot here so he decided to sit down and take a break, maybe the should start doing that in the major leagues.
Will is obsessed with hats, hats of any kind, so whenever one of the kids would take off their helmet it went right onto his head. As I am typing this I just realized that this was not a good idea to let him do this because of lice, oh well we were lucky with that one.

After P.J. went to a Giants game and watched a few other baseball games on t.v. he thought he was a pro at hitting the ball.

He even made it to first base most every time.
Playing first base gets a lot of action in tee ball, he looks pretty baseball ready.

My cute blue-eyed boys on a hot baseball afternoon.