Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 5 of Break!

Pete is getting ready for his internship and had to send a picture to them today, I couldn't pass up putting this on here. Sorry for the novel on this blog, just had to say that in advance.

So I didn't post anything from the past 2 days because I didn't have any pictures but we did do some fun stuff. On Wednesday we went to singing time and P.J. actually got to be there the whole time, instead of me leaving Henry with whoever was there halfway through to pick P.J. up from school to make it back just in time to get a sucker, so the boys ended up having fun with that. Afterwards we had a playgroup at our house and although there were only 5 kids it seemed like about 20 kids ran through the house taking every toy out of it's place. It was fun, you just expect that kind of mess when you have a playgroup at your house. On Thursday the boys and I got together with some of the other families and went to "The Big Mall" as P.J. calls it. It was the Salem mall and I got to buy a new dress for the Barristers Ball, and I found some fierce shoes, stay tuned for pictures of that later. Today we got to go to the Temple and it was so nice. Richard offered to watch the boys since his family is out of town and the boys loved it. Henry calls him Dichard and P.J. thinks he is the best babysitter ever, so thank you Dichard. It turned out to be a really nice time, different for us to have to travel and hour and a half to get there instead of 5 minutes, but a much need thing. I am so grateful that Pete and I are able to attend the temple together and just be reminded of our covenants and our eternal marriage.


Michelle said...

Sounds like fun!! I wish Jared could have break like that. I guess he could but he is addicted to work. Glad life is going well for ya.

Melanie said...

Fun to already have your dress for "prom!" Can you be my stylist for mine? I'm excited to go, but a little concerned about how to make this baby bump seem fashionable. Hmm.

Tara Bennett said...

Can't wait to see those fierce shoes! Good thing for Dichard so you can have a temple date.... the best date ever!