Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Henry's Stats

This crazy kid finally had his two year check up, just about 6 months late is all. I thought I would let everyone know how he is growing.
27 lbs.
351/2 in. tall
He is coming in at the 5oth percentile which is good since he has never been above the 25th, except for when he was 7 months and so fat.
We are also having a speech therapist come in to our house and evaluate his speech to see if he possibly needs a hearing test or some speech therapy.


Tara Bennett said...

Henry is getting so big! Oh, remember what a sweet little baby he was? I enjoy how he talks but it's probably good to have it checked anyway. Enjoy the lovely fall colors! Visiting NH in Oct kind of ruined fall in Utah for me.

Michelle said...

How fun!! I hear you on the speech part. Isaac is the same way. He has done a lot better since he got tubes in his ears. His ears were so clogged it was like swimming under water with ear plugs on. He never had ear infections or anything. Weird. I have to wait until he is 2 1/2 before they will check his hearing and soeech through the school district. Can't wait for December. Good Luck!!

michelle said...

thanks for that picture. i needed a giggle.

Emma said...

Talk about kids getting bigger. Where are you guys going after Dec? Bri was only in Boston for a few days and next time he will give you a call.