Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

In the spirit of Valentines Day we went and got a heart shaped pizza last night, now some of you might remember about 3 years ago when I attempted the heart shaped meat loaf, I opted out of that one until I find a heart shaped pan, so pizza it is. The kids loved it and Papa Murphy's made it so all I had to do is clean up.
To my surprise my Valentine pulled through and got me this beautiful Orchid. Potted flowers are the best because they don't die in a week, unless you have serious problems keeping plants alive. We will see how I do. Happy Valentines Day to everyone, I hope you enjoy my catch up post. We love you!!!


Tara Bennett said...

I LOVE orchids! What a great gift from your Valentine! Glad you had a good one :)

x's and o's from us too! Love you!

Jan said...

Love Love Love (and miss) Papa Murphy's Pizza!!! We used to have one just down the block in NM!!!
Of course we miss you guys, too!!

Nana said...

Love all the new pictures. Looks like you had a fun Valentine's Day. Concerning the pictures of Hen and P.J. dressing up.... What kind of movies has P.J. been watching?

michelle said...

way to go pete!! those are beautiful. love and miss you all.