Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

I know everybody thinks their kids grow up too fast but it's because it is true. On June 17 P.J. graduated from kindergarten and I can't believe the big milestone of kindergarten has come and gone. (insert sniff)
This was a great graduation because it was only about 30 minutes. They sang two songs, received their certificates and medals and all was done.

Mrs. Acton was a great teacher, she was just too old and too tired to keep up with all of the 30 kids in P.J.'s class. P.J. felt as though he was bored all the time because all the "naughty" kids took up all of Mr. Acton's time.

P.J. love making new friends in his class and looks forward to all day school because he really wants to eat lunch in the cafeteria. Go figure, the most lame part of school.

Monday, June 21, 2010

All Grown Up!

The other day P.J. and Henry went to a friends house to play leaving Will and I home alone. I decided that instead of taking a nap I should probably do something productive and clean the kitchen. So I was cleaning the kitchen and I let William play outside. While he was playing I was thinking to myself that when P.J. or even Henry was 14 months old I would have never let them play outside by themselves and how funny it is how your perspective changes after you have a few kids. I looked outside to check on Will and this is what I found, he grabbed Henry's helmet put it on (backwards, but hey he 14 months old), and was riding his bike. Too funny, what a big boy.

Just another day at the Norseth's

I don't' know if anyone can remember, but when we first moved to New Hampshire and a while after I could not keep P.J.'s pants on. Well Henry is following suit.
The other day all the boys were outside and this is what I look out to find. Good thing he decided to put on those elbow and knee pads, just forgot a little something else.

Of course P.J. could not be left out of the picture taking so I hope everyone enjoys the 6 year old riding a tricycle.

Last Game of the Season

When it was about the middle of the season I thought this day would never come, but as I was sitting there watching P.J. in the last game it was kind of sad. He was just starting to get it and was getting fairly good, for a 6 year old with no attention span.
Mr. Drool Mouth was happy to just be outside and not in the stroller.

Henry, well Henry is just Henry.
P.J got a little tired and hot here so he decided to sit down and take a break, maybe the should start doing that in the major leagues.
Will is obsessed with hats, hats of any kind, so whenever one of the kids would take off their helmet it went right onto his head. As I am typing this I just realized that this was not a good idea to let him do this because of lice, oh well we were lucky with that one.

After P.J. went to a Giants game and watched a few other baseball games on t.v. he thought he was a pro at hitting the ball.

He even made it to first base most every time.
Playing first base gets a lot of action in tee ball, he looks pretty baseball ready.

My cute blue-eyed boys on a hot baseball afternoon.